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Affordable USA Tax Service Outsource Tax Preparation

To learn how to make the most of the year ahead and all the ways advisory services can transform how you serve your clients, check out our 2023 year-end tax strategy planning webcast. If you’re interested in expanding into advisory services, learn more about Practice Forward to strengthen your client relationships today. By rapidly processing extensive datasets, AI performs swift analysis techniques like predictive analytics and anomaly detection. From a client standpoint, this means your firm can offer clients insight into patterns, trends, and potential tax-saving opportunities.

  • Proactively addressing these issues will position your firm as a trusted advisor instead of simply a once-a-year tax return provider.
  • You need to set up the project budget & payment terms and decide if you’re paying the outsourced service provider based on time worked or per-project basis.
  • In our situation, we had to prepay a monthly amount over a period of five months.
  • You can track the status of each outsourced return as SurePrep prepares it.
  • All SurePrep data centers and cloud services are SOC 2 Type 2 and SSAE 16/18 certified.

We also adhere to stringent SLAs and high-quality standards when it comes to data security. With this popular engagement model, you will be given a dedicated staff to work as an extension of your team at a fixed monthly fee. The fixed amount will be billed to the CPA firm at the end of every month, and the outsourced service provider scopes the number of hours to be completed within that period. This is a more economical model than hourly rates if your accounting firm has high volumes of work. Most outsourcing companies price their services based on your requirements and the engagement model. They offer a variety of pricing models to suit your firm’s requirements and budget.


Transparency and cooperation are guaranteed throughout the process thanks to lines of communication between your company and the outsourced provider. We take pride in our extensive software expertise, offering proficient support for various accounting software platforms. Our skilled team excels at navigating through a diverse range of accounting software, guaranteeing smooth integration and effective financial data management.

This is one of the most preferred engagement models, and it means paying based on how much you of the services you have taken. Sometimes these hourly rates also how to be your authentic self in relationships vary amongst the outsourced staff based on seniority. This model is widely preferred as it offers a dedicated team working for you for a pre-determined period.

  • Not only will errors and mistakes in tax preparation lead to a substantial financial loss, but they will also take a toll on your firm’s reputation.
  • Where do you draw the line between compliance work and accounting advisory?
  • With technology capable of handling the mundane, today’s accounting firms are embracing a profitable shift toward advisory services.
  • Of which, a whopping $2.04 trillion was raised only from individual income taxes.

Our tax preparation services have remained a core part of our mission throughout. We use our own industry-leading technology to prepare returns and pass the time savings to our clients. Some of the world’s largest CPA firms trust our experience and use our services.

State Tax Return Services

In an outsourced tax preparation service, a CPA firm hires an external service provider to handle their clients’ tax returns. This can include services such as tax planning, research, and preparation of returns. The goal of outsourcing tax preparation is often to save time and resources and to ensure that the tax returns are prepared accurately and in compliance with all relevant tax laws and regulations. It helps solve your staffing issues, and your firm doesn’t have to turn away profitable work during the bust tax season. The main advantage is that you will have access to a higher level of expertise.

Managing tax overpayments and repayments

Be it as an individual or as an accounting firm, filing taxes can be a demanding task. Not all accounting firms have the capacity or skill set to handle the mountains of tasks coming their way during the year’s busiest period. Outsourcing such key functions help CPA firms get more time to focus on core business functions. Given the complexity and tediousness of tax preparation tasks, outsourcing is the best option.

Tax Services

There is a common misconception that 7216 consent causes friction with 1040 clients. SurePrep works with over 33,000 tax professionals and in our experience, this problem is almost non-existent. Most firms send the 7216 consent form along with the engagement letter and receive signatures without issue. In the rare case that a client raises an objection, that client’s return can simply be processed in our onshore facility. Apart from satisfying your client requirements, tax preparation outsourcing will also help improve your client retention rates.

By outsourcing tax preparation services, you can work with tax preparers with extensive experience and skillsets, expecting on-time and accurate deliverables. This is one of the most important yet underestimated benefits of outsourcing tax preparation. During the busy tax season, CPAs put in unimaginable hours to guarantee that their client’s tax returns are filed before the deadline.

Introducing Global FPO’s “Build Your Own Team” for customized financial solutions. Choose talent aligned with your needs, sustain ongoing support, and adapt as your business evolves. Assemble your customized team of taxation professionals for ongoing support and effective tax management. We deliver timely and precise bookkeeping solutions, empowering Enrolled Agents to confidently offer comprehensive tax planning and compliance services to their own clients.

The ad hoc model is most recommended for CPA firms that do not have large volumes of work. This isn’t true if you choose an outsourcing partner with airtight data security measures that use robust and secure information technology systems. The best outsourcing service providers will be cyber essential, ISO certified, and fully compliant with information security.

On-demand, U.S.-based accountants to help increase your capacity and expedite your turnaround times. Do your research, analyze your competitors, check out testimonials, and look for the above traits while shortlisting a reputed outsourcing partner for your CPA firm. According to data, firms who are using XCM® Solutions are in a comparable place to last year’s 9/15 deadline, despite the impacts of COVID-19. But those who also utilize Xpitax Tax Outsourcing are over 9% ahead of the national pace. Provide in-house staff with support during the peak of busy season when you use Xptiax Tax Outsourcing; our staff act as an extension of your firm to balance staff workload. Ensure accurate records and quality control by maintaining a history of all communications for every open and closed job.

Accounts Receivable Services

Most outsourcing vendors have full preparation as their only level of service, but select vendors offer partial outsourcing for OCR data verification only. It’s standard best practice to verify OCR data for accuracy after scanning tax documents. Compared to data entry, OCR verification takes a fraction of the time, but it still pulls preparers away from value-added work.

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